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We have a wide range of products for the maintenance , cleaning  for your boat . The different categories that can be found are, paints, cleaning and maintenance products, tools and stainless steel bolts and fitting, electrical, ropes and fenders, oil and lubricant and flags.

Paints : Our selection includes brands such as Hempel, Oxirite , Felton or Titanlux . We also have the tools for painting, brushes, rollers, buckets of different sizes, tapes for shaping, plastic protectors and more.

Maintenance and Cleaning Products : You may find the products required for the daily life of your boat. Also cleaning products, interior and exterior cleaning: soap, vinyl cleaner, bathroom cleaning, degreaser, glass cleaner, teak cleaner and brightener and polish. We have a selection of polishes , polishes for the fiber, to clean, polish and protect, with brands such as 3M or Dulon and polishes for metals, to regain its natural shine, with brands such as Autosol or Seapower . We also have the necessary tools for polishing , berets of different sizes. Brands that can be found are: Spray 9 Seapower , Starbrite , Dulon , Grezz -Off , and Semco Teak Wonder.

Tools and stainless steel: we have tools for different activities, from cleaning tools (brushes, mops ... ), screwdrivers, pliers, flashlights and others, also we have Leatherman brand multitools, also hoses, nozzles, and a small selection of electronic products. Some of the brands are Leatherman, Mag -lite, Led- lens, Knipex , Gardena, Bosch and Karcher . We also have stainless steel products , such as nuts and bolts, water and rust resistant, shackles and hooks from brands like Kong or Wichard .

Electrical: We have a wide range of bulbs of different sizes and voltages (12V , 24V , 220V ) , we also have bulbs for the interior bulbs and lamps and lights and anchor . In our section you will find electrical power connections and also the port cables.

Fenders and ropes : We have a wide range of defenses of different sizes and shapes , F2 , F3 , F4 , A2 , A3 ... depending on the size of your boat and we can advise , longer, shorter, wider etc . To complete their defenses, protect them and give them a touch of style , we have cases in different colors, blue, navy , black , for different sizes of defenses ( Fendequip or Fenda - sox ) blue. We have different types and sizes of rope braid from 4mm to 22mm ropes (or more , having to order it ) , we have 3 strand ropes , Cape core , along with a variety of colors , blue, black , white ... (also have different types of chains (galvanized or stainless ) and sizes.

Oil and lubricants: oil available for two-stroke engines and four stroke and gear oil . The brands we have are Rimula , Yamalube and Quicksilver . Lubricants have in our store are from brands like WD -40 or Loctite .

Flags: flags offer anywhere in the world as well as signal flags and nautical alphabetic code , courtesy flags , banners sizes are 30x20 up 3yardas , and can be printed or sewn , always top quality .

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